Brodeur trade? NONSENSE!

Today, I came upon a very disturbing rumor. According to, Lou Lamoriello is willing to trade Martin Brodeur for a first line center. I was in shock. Not because I was scared of this happening, but because the fact that anybody could even imagine this kind of ridiculous rumor.
Martin Brodeur is the face of the franchise. With all time records in wins and shutouts, Marty is arguably the greatest goaltender of all time. He has three Stanley cup rings and four Vezinas to go along with his records. I think that people are forgetting just how good he is. Yes, the Devils have not gone far in the playoffs the past few years with Marty in net. But, with the exception of Scott Clemmensen’s great 2008-2009 season, Brodeur has been the main reason for the Devils even making it to the postseason. Lets look at some stats:

1) Since the lockout since 2004, Brodeur has had at least 40 wins per season, with the exception of the 2008-2009 season when he was injured. That’s at least 80 points. Without him, the Devils may have only gotten half of that. Last season, he racked up 45 wins, which led the league, with only 25 regulation losses and 6 overtime losses.

2) His Goals Against Average (GAA) has been below 2.6 GAA since the lockout. Last year, he had just a 2.24 GAA. The league average last year was a 2.66 GAA. His 2.24 GAA come third only to Ryan Miller and Tuukka Rask.

3) His save percentage last year was a .916. That is good for 12th in the league. While this does not sound great, consider who is behind even him: Fleury is in 31′st, Antti Niemi, who has just won the Stanley Cup, is tied for 19th.

4) Marty’s contract pays him $5.2 million. He is not even in the top 10 highest paid goalies in the NHL. Turco, Lundqvist, Huet, Nabokov, Vokoun, Giguere, Kiprusoff, Backstrom, Miller, and Luongo are in the top 10 highest paid goalies. Brodeur, on the other hand, is not. Outside of Miller, Luongo, and maybe Nabokov, none of these goalies had good seasons. Turco and Huet are on the bench for their teams, and Turco will be a free agent this season. Kiprusoff, Backstrom, and Lundqvist failed to lead their teams to the playoffs. Nabokov might be cut from the Sharks and forced to go into free agency. Marty has three cup rings and still makes less than all of these goalies. Marty had much better statistics than all of these goalies. And, for a much lesser price .

The potential destination for Brodeur, according to the rumor, is to Washington for Alexander Semin. There are a few horrible problems with this trade.

1) The Devils do not have a goalie to replace Brodeur. Yann Danis is not the answer. Frazee is not ready to lead the team. The Devils do not have the cap room to sign a big free agent goalie. And the Devils do not likely have enough to trade for a top goalie.

2) Alexander Semin, even though when he is on he might be the best in the league, has a history of choking in the playoffs, and has often been the “scapegoat” for the Capitals failures. Last year, against Montreal, he only had 2 assists and no goals in seven games. Hardly a successful postseason.

3) I know that Marty is getting older. And I know he is not in his prime. But he is the face of the franchise. He has given everything to the Devils franchise. It would be wrong, even immoral, to trade Brodeur and ruin his legacy by cutting short his stay in New Jersey. I know this might be seen as an illogical, ill advised opinion, but it is one that many Devils fans share.

Trading Martin Brodeur would be one of the biggest mistakes in Devils history. So please, Uncle Lou, strike this rumor down.

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  • Kevin Whalen

    I have to agree with my fellow blogger here at P&P that it would be an all time travesty to trade Brodeur considering the time the man has put in to the organization. There was a time before he signed his last contract that he could have walked away for greener pastures, but he knew where his heart as, which is the ultimate reason why Captain Lou won’t even consider making this trade

    As a Devil’s fan there is NO person in the league I would give him up for, it is a matter of principle and loyalty.

  • Brandon C.

    I am a Caps fan, and even though in the regular season Alexander Semin did pretty well, I think that the Caps should trade for Brodeur. Maybe instead of Alexander Semin we could give them a starting goalie like Jose Theodore and a low center so they don’t have to worry about who is going to play in net. If we get Brodeur we won’t have to worry if Semyon Varlamov is having an on or off game, we just have Brodeur start and have Varlamov back up.

    Basically I think that the Caps should look into trading for Broduer!!!!

  • icehockeyben

    Brandon, perhaps you don’t understand, but the trade makes no sense for US. The only way Lou would trade Brodeur to the caps is if they offered Ovechkin, Varlamov,atleast 2 first round draft picks, and atleast 2 maybe 3 elite prospects.

    So yea, you can’t have him. :)