Oct 4, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; Fans hold up an American flag prior to the start of the game between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Islanders at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

New Jersey Devils' New Goal Song

Oct 4, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; New Jersey Devils owners David Blitzer and Josh Harris take the ice before the first period of the game between the Devils and the New York Islanders at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the new players and the new ownership aren’t the only new things in New Jersey for the 2013-2014 hockey season. After newcomer Damien Brunner scored the Devils’ first goal of the season in New Jersey on Friday night, against the New York Islanders, the Devils faithful were introduced to their team’s new goal song: This Is Our House by New Jersey native Bon Jovi. I’ve never heard so much boo’ing in a stadium after the home team scores. Devils fans weren’t boo’ing for the goal, but rather showing their intense displeasure for the replacement of the fan-engaging goal song that used to be: Rock ‘n Roll Part II by Garry Glitter. The normal “Hey’s” from the crowd have been replaced with the potential for “Woah’s” with the change to the new song but more importantly the Devils ownership have hopefully replaced the poor sportsmanship surrounding their new team’s old goal song. Devils fans, for a long time, have taken it upon themselves to add “You suck!” into Rock ‘n Roll Part II, removing the family friendly experience in some people’s eyes. Despite facilitating the tradition, myself, for years, I have to agree that this change is for the best.


I have to admit I was extremely disappointed when I heard the displeasure of the crowd on Friday night. I understand that change, after years of having the same goal song, will rarely be taken well but I know it was merely the chance to scream “You suck!” that the fans missed. Have the Devils faithful really become so dependent on tasteless traditions that they would ‘boo’ after their own team scores, rather than quickly invent a new creative way to get involved? Perhaps I’m expecting too much, but I can’t say it didn’t bother me. I hope that Devils fans can find a way to tastefully embrace the new goal song so that everyone feels comfortable coming to games and everyone can enjoy the hopefully frequent occurrence of “This Is Our House” filling up the Prudential Center.

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  • Ryan Lucht

    Tasteless? TASTELESS?? This is HOCKEY, not golf. Part of what makes this sport great is the questionable sportsmanship of the fans. We get our anger out in the arena and then don’t start fistfights with opposing fans like football or sometimes even baseball fans do.

  • Ryan Lynch

    No… This new song just sucks ass… I can understand the reason behind changing it, but you gotta admit rr2 got the crowd off their butts, and I can’t remember a person who didn’t join in. This new song just gives me intestinal problems…

  • Nicholas Trawinski

    Shut up. Stop putting the real fans out like that by writing such a insulting article about the real loyal devils fans. I don’t care about making it a nice environment for the fake fans that all got up during a tie game last night with 3 minutes to play in the third just to beat the traffic. You’re changing things for those idiots. Did the Devils pay you to write this stupid article in hopes that it starts a trend of nice heart felt warm and cozy feelings of sportsmanship? If you want a family friendly experience then go to Disney on ice. I pay 600 dollars a game to watch hockey and I want our goal song back. Ask the players I’m sure they will agree that the new song is lame.

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  • Peter Bruno

    It’s not necesarrily about the change itself, but more about how awful this Bon Jovi replacement is

    • NachoKingP

      No, it’s also about the change. Yes, the new song sucks, but the old song was all about celebration. It make your blood pump through your veins. The chanting we did between HEYs was as much a part of attending a live game as eating overpriced food and drinking overpriced beer. Don’t take that away from us loyal, true Devils Hockey fans.

  • Chris

    It’s a fucking hockey game. If you’re bothered by “Hey! You Suck!” you must shit your pants when you here Rangers Suck/Flyers Swallow. You must die 1000 deaths when you here “If you know the Rangers suck clap your hands…”

    This was tried and failed before. Change the fucking song back.

  • CapnFoo

    What a stupid article. People like you are the reason why we live in this over-sensitive, politically correct society. They better change the song back, otherwise people will keep booing.

  • Justin Kelly

    Since when did the word suck become some horrible horrible word? I was at the game last night, and there was a kid sitting next to me, no older than 6, and he was yelling “Islanders suck” all night long, and his mother and father had no problem with that at all. Soccer fans always getting into fights and lighting fires and all this crap, but we yell “Hey! You suck!” and it’s an issue. This country needs to grow some f******* balls.

  • CD

    You even tweeted that the new song was horrible, you asshole. How much pressure you get from management to change your tune? Going to delete that tweet now too?

  • Al Bourguet

    First off I would really like to know how much you’re getting to
    write this drivel?? Secondly where do you get off saying that the fans (major
    generalization!) are displeased with the goal song because they can’t yell
    “you suck” at the other team?? Goes to show you know nothing about
    hockey or being a fan for a team at all!! Let me guess Jason you want to ban fighting in hockey as well right?? The WHOLE purpose of the goal song is to get the fans up and cheering in unison and to hopefully help create some more positive energy in the building for the team to feed off of. All over the world in different sports, team supporters have songs to root their teams on with and the whole point is to have something catchy to clap, sing or yell along with. This new one is does NOT fit the bill at all!!! This is Hockey!! It’s fast,
    crude and rough and I echo one of the earlier posts comments that if you want a family outing go see Disney!! Me personally I don’t care that the song itself
    was changed, it’s what it was changed to, it gives the fans NOTHING to work
    with! I can only speak for myself but I as a loyal DEVILS fan all I want is to
    go see my team and cheer them on and sing their praises when they score a goal, by changing the song to what they chose it changes what we’re used to which isn’t a bad thing but at least give us something comparable to cheer along with or don’t change it at all! If this is what the new ownership has in mind when they tout that they have “The fans best interest in mind and that they come first” I would really hate to see what a bigger move looks like… They could have chosen better! Come on everybody lets sign the petition and let’s see if they listen to the fans!

  • Nicholas Trawinski

    Just to add. We can’t yell “you suck” any more when our boys score a goal, because supposedly it creates a bad family environment or makes us look trashy. But somehow the Devils see no problem with half naked pole dancers representing our team all over the arena. My young sons are less harmed by hearing “you suck” after a goal is scored then me having to pretend that there aren’t strippers walking around the entire arena wearing practically nothing and dancing like hookers with Pom poms.

    • kzartist

      If you think the Devils Dancers are like hookers then clearly you have never been to a strip club. You also have a very narrow minded view of what a “proper” woman is.

      • Nicholas Trawinski

        You totally missed the point. I’m not saying the Devils Dancers are bad or hookers. I’m trying to make the point that you can argue that the way they dress and the way they dance is far more inappropriate then fans yelling you suck after we score a goal. (and my point is they aren’t inappropriate, but if you were going to ask your self which was worse and you were being honest you’d have to say the dancers) And if they are trying to “change our image” as the article writer above suggests, wouldn’t they be part of it?

    • Andrew Gilchrist III

      The Devils Dancers are a talented group of young ladies who are fan friendly and cheerlead as well as perform dance routines during timeouts.
      Calling them “strippers” and calling their performances “dancing like hookers” is demeaning and crude.
      I’m a father with a daughter not much older than some of the Dancers and if I was a father of one of the Dancers, I’d have words with you.
      Before you make judgements about them why don’t you and your son visit them pre-game, have a chat with them or their Director Stephane, and take a photo with them.

  • Kurt Wurmser

    My kid went to her first Devils game at age six and did the chant. Big deal, you think they don’t hear that sort of thing at school?

  • Unsatisfied

    Horrible choice for a goal song! If the new owners want a change, OK, but its just a bad choice. I’m used to the rr2 song, don’t care for the you suck addition, but really cant get behind this new choice. Goal songs should do two things – rally the home crowd, and get under the skin of the visitors. Epic fail, new guys.

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  • Anthony

    Awful article, and I’m a Rangers fan. Whoever made this decision should be fired. Keep your PC opinion to yourself.

  • kzartist

    You don’t understand anything! At 31 I have been a Devils fan all my life. The goal song is tradition. Now I can understand that it is stupid to chant “you suck” when you’re down 3-1 but it allows the fans to feel like a part of the game. If the new ownership really wants to change it then fine but don’t just change it without the input of the Devils fan base. There should be a vote on the Devils website for what song we want played after a goal.

  • Nicholas Trawinski
  • Shelle Gray

    I’m really glad that we as a fan community have our priorities straight.

  • Pete

    The problem isn’t that they got rid of RR2, it’s that the new song sucks. Most fans were excited by the possibility of a new song but they dropped the ball. Besides it’s by a Ranger fan.

  • Andrew Gilchrist III

    I’m a STH and long time Devils fan. I remember when the upper level of the Swamp would bounce when we did the HEY! song and we didn’t need to add “you suck”.
    Devils – Keep the song and use the scoreboard to prompt the fans to chant something positive like “Jer-Sey” or “Deh-Vils” or non-vulgar like “You Missed”

  • todd

    The Devils were the first team I heard use this song after a goal. I’m not sure if they were the first but they have been playing it forever. They didn’t used to add “you suck” to the “Hey!” I first heard that in a college game, but who cares? Change the song back. Change it to anything but Bon Jovi. Use the da-da-da song that everyone seems to play these days. Just not Bon “I wish I was from Philly” Jovi.
    What’s next, is Cornell hockey going to ban the students for yelling “Red!” during the national anthem?