Nov 3, 2013; Saint Paul, MN, USA; New Jersey Devils forward Mattias Tedenby (9) against the Minnesota Wild at Xcel Energy Center. The Wild defeated the Devils 4-0. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Tedenby Bolts To KHL. Draft Bust Or Misfit?

My first year wasn’t like that. Coach Lemaire liked me. After that it’s been so-so.

New Jersey Devils 24th overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Mattias Tedenby, has decided to leave the team and hop the puddle to the KHL’s Czech based HC Lev Praha.

Oct 22, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Fedor Tyutin (51) reaches for the puck as New Jersey Devils left wing Mattias Tedenby (9) pulls it away during the first period at Nationwide Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

The undersized forward, listed at 5-foot-9 174 lbs, was drafted for his speed and quick hands. However, he was never a huge impact for the big club. In 120 NHL games, Teddy scored 10 goals and had 30 points for an average of .25 ppg. The problem is, 22 of those points (73%) came in his rookie season back in the 2010-11 season when he played 58 games. What is even more alarming is since then, Tedenby went minus-23 while only notching eight points in 62 games. So what happened?

It is simple, a coaching and style change happened. Once Tedenby signed his new contract with Lev Praha, he had some comments on his time with the Devils

“I didn’t get ice time that you can do much with. But still, it went alright. I wish we’d played a style of hockey that’s a bit more fun. We’re playing pretty defensive hockey, but it is what it is.” says Tedenby.

The latter part of his comment is what makes me believe Tedenby was not a draft bust, but more of a misfit for the Devils. There is no doubt he is a skilled player. We have seen him make some great plays in his time with the Devils. One particular play stands out to me. On Nov 10, 2013, Tedenby scored the Devils’ fifth goal in the final minute of a 5-1 rout of the Nashville Predators. Here it is:

Clearly Tedenby has the skill, quickness, hands, and finesse to be a solid contributer on an NHL team. But he cannot do it with the Devils and their defense-first mindset. He especially cannot do it without proper playing time and an opportunity.

On average, Tedenby played about 10-minutes in each NHL game. With only 10-minutes, he was not given the amount of ice time and quality line mates to get quality chances with. His next comments may reveal the reason why.

“My first year wasn’t like that. Coach Lemaire liked me. After that it’s been so-so.” He said.

With that said, I would not go as far as saying Tedenby was a first round draft bust, but more so a misused asset. Put him on a more offensive style team like Pittsburgh, Toronto, or Chicago and Tedenby would produce like magic. In his rookie season he posted a 37.9% ppg, which is pretty good for being on a defensive-minded team. Imagine what he could have done if he was drafted by another team.

It is a shame his career had to go the way it did, but we wish Teddy luck in his future endeavors in the KHL and hope he makes an attempt at an NHL comeback.

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  • Marc

    More proof that Deboer is a idiot of a coach. He may be a good x’s & o’s coach but he sucks at managing his players and dealing with the younger guys. This was already known from his time in Florida. Guys like Teddy & Josefson succeeded under Lemaire and have fizzled under Deboer. Look at poor Adam Larsson. The Devils will not turn things around until they have a new coach.

    • David Garrison

      Great input, I agree with everything you said. Unfortunately, Lou likes DeBoer. If the Devils are not solidified into a playoff spot halfway through the season he should and will be gone. He will be gone in a heartbeat if they fail to make it for the third straight year

    • Jonny Khaos

      I disagree with the Debeor assessment…..I’m from Kitchener Ontario where Debeor coached the rangers to a memorial cup. He was an award winning coach in the OHL and turned the rangers franchise into contenders. People say he’s not good with young players…..but his junior hockey coaching career says different.he also guided the devils to a cup run….his time in Florida? Florida sucks….regardless of who’s coaching. New Jersey just lost parise and kovalchuk also clarkson who credits Debeor for becoming the player he became. With Debeor clarky became a 30 goal nhler (before his ill-fated signing with the Toronto career killers)

      I was a huge fan when tedenby was drafted….I knew of his YouTube videos of his sick slick dekes and great plays…when we drafted him I was ecstatic I thought he was our future. His first year I was surprised at his playing on the devils as we are known to develop players in the minors rather than rushing them…I wasn’t displeased with his first year in north american hockey. I was expecting him to progress but watching teddy on the ice is like watching a dog chase a ball. His positional play is horrible and his hockey sense is abysmal….. He literally chases the puck everwhere he’s constantly out of position. His feet never stop moving he’s literally playing hockey like a dog chasing a ball. There’s no doubt when he has the puck he’s got sublime hands and skill but seriously lacks any understanding of positional play without the puck. Teddys development or lack there of ,has nothing to do with Debeor…the same can be said for josefson both these guys were rushed due to lack of depth….teddy has played in 126 Ahl games and 120 NHL games josefson 60 ahl and 118 NHL.this from a franchise previously known for not rushing players and developing them in the system. Larsson is another example and so is Reid Boucher none of which has anything to do with Debeor

      • Marc

        I don’t know nor do I care about his time in Kitchener. I judge his actions from his time in the NHL. Florida sucking has nothing to do with the complaints of the younger guys on the team about Deboer. The last 3 seasons have shown what he is like with youth of the Devils. Vets should not get a free pass when they make the same mistakes as the younger guys. It send a wrong message and we see that with Teddy’s comments above. They both needed some work(Teddy more than Jo) but they can’t get that being sat for 20 games then being given 1 or 2 games on the 4th line. The only young guy to succeed under DB so far has been Henrique. Honestly, I think Rico would succeed under any coach. He’s just a good all around hockey player. It’s not really a surprise that the vets like him and the young guys remain very silent until they leave. Again, I’ll go back to how Lemaire got 8 goals & 22 points out of Teddy and how Josefson played with confidence his first season. I would also point out how Fayne has been jerked around the past couple of season and Gelinas this past season. Somebody is at fault here and I have to look at the coaching staff, Lou or both. Something needs to change cause the team missed the playoffs the last 2 seasons with the same damn problems.

        • Jonny Khaos

          Well I’m more likely to put that on cap’n Lou Lamoriello than debeor…the poor contracts/signings (Salvador,clowe,zajac:yeah sorry trav your a good 2way player but not worth almost 6 million I’d say Ryder because he hasn’t fit well but he’s barely making more than zubie) the decision to resign guys like pelley and then keep him in the minors…I’d rather see pelley patrolling the 4th line on spot duty than josefson who should be playing 1st line minutes in Albany.
          Those are Lou decisions, and like I said about teddy and his laughable positional play…I couldnt see him getting first or second line minutes…not because of skill but like I said he’s a dog running after a ball. Josefson like teddy should have been playing top line minutes in Albany not riding the pine or playing fourth line mins….but I don’t think either guy has shown why they deserve more time on the big club.granted lemaire squeezed points out of them but come on you gotta earn time playing more minutes….I mean come on cam janssen had 3x as many goals as teddy.

          Anyway point being while coaches do play a roll on whose on the team….its Lou’s decision who to call up and who to send down and while I’ll admit….playing 4th line minutes isn’t going to get josefson or teddy putting up points the CBGB line all 4th liners still producing more than teddy and JJ