Examining NHL 13's Player Ratings For The New Jersey Devils

A few days ago, the NHL 13 video game from EA Sports released its player ratings for the 30 franchsies.  We’ll take a look inside the New Jersey Devils rankings and debate some of the controversial ones.

Ilya Kovalchuk is a 90.  He is the highest-rated Devil in this year’s game.  Just a 90 though?  He is one of the best players in the game.  He finished fifth in the point race last year.  He was tied for sixth in goals scored.  And he is barely cracking the 80s tier?  Bad job by EA.

I think Adam Larsson is going to be a nice player.  EA has him at an 84 rating.  Ok, a bit high for a player who played perhaps a slightly above average rookie season.  But he’s the best-ranked defenseman on the Devils?  The next closest guy is Henrik Tallinder at 83, who was underwhelming to begin the year and only played a few playoff games after his blood clot injury in January.  Two of the most consistent Devils defenseman all year were Mark Fayne and Bryce Salvador.  They are both rated 79.  Again, inconsistent.

This slipped my mind when I looked it up, but Patrik Elias finished in the Top-10 in points in the league this past season.  While I don’t think the 82 rating is that far off, a little bit of respect for the veteran would be nice.

Here’s one on the flip side…how on earth is Jacob Josefson a 75?  What exactly has he done to merit that rating?  Don’t get me wrong, I like Josefson a lot and think he can be a really strong two player, but that mark is ludicrous.  69 regular season games and five goals scored…yup, this rating totally makes sense (false, this rating actually makes no sense).  In comparison, Dainius Zubrus is a 79 and Adam Henrique is an 81.  I don’t follow.

And talk about the biggest disservice of all?  Martin Brodeur was given ONLY an 82 rating.  He just put up his best playoff GAA since the 2002-03 postseason.  Oh yea, the Devils were also in the Finals that year too.  Not enough respect being shown to Brodeur here.  While I agree, he’s not a 90s-caliber player right, he should certainly be in the mid to high 80s with no questions asked.  Side note: Johan Hedberg is a 73.  Another crazy low number.  Certainly his work last year was a smaller sample size with just 27 games, but he won 17 of them with the lowest GAA and highest save percentage of his career.

What do you think?  Is someone ranked too high?  Too low?  Which Devil’s rating is spot on?

Thanks for reading.  All feedback is appreciated.

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  • omfsmtim

    i agree completely! I was really annoyed when I saw these ratings. The fact that they rated Larsson, a rookie who was a healthy scratch quite often because they wanted him to get a better grasp on the system, is rated higher than the veteran Elias?? And Brodeur never gets the respect he deserves from these games. The Devils already suffer in ’13 without Parise, and EA didnt help at all by wrecking the rest of the Devils team. As someone who’s played the demo, they could do way better

  • NHL13LockoutMode

    Article leaves out 2 important things. 1) An explanation how the ratings system is different for this year. 2) Comparables to other players not on the Devils.

    • Jeff O’Connor

      Sir…is there an explanation on the web somewhere?

  • theone6643

    In what world is Stephen Gionta worse then Janssen or Boulton

    • Jeff O’Connor

      Haha….these really are awful.

  • Greg

    I agree with Brodeur being that low being absurd to say the least. An 85 or 86 is accurate for him. I however disagree with you saying Kovalchuk should be higher. There is only 7 players rated better who are Pavel Datsyuk(arguably best all around player in league), Daniel Sedin (who had 104 points just the previous season), Zdeno Chara(best defensemen in the league), Crosby(best player in the league), Malkin(point leader last year), Ovechkin(little more dangerous than Kovalchuk), and Stamkos(60 goal scorer). These players are all better than Kovalchuk and I think its fair to say a 90 overall is then fair after all he can be a huge liability in the defensive zone at times. I also disagree on Elias being so low and think an 84 is accurate. Larsen however is one of the many things awful about these ratings! WAY WAY WAY too high! To rate a rookie this high and all other rookies so much lower is a joke(Nuggent-Hopkins-80, Landeskog-82, Kreider-68). We can agree that these ratings are a huge joke tho!