Reviewing My First Round Predictions


The second round began last night with the Vancouver Canucks defeating the Nashville Predators 1-0. It’s time to take a look bat at my first round predictions and see how I did.


1. Washington v 8. Rangers

I said: Caps in 6

What happened: Caps in 5

The Caps experience and speed proved too much for a Rangers squad that just couldn’t get any momentum in the series.

2. Philadelphia v 7. Buffalo

I said: Flyers in 5

What happened: Flyers in 7

I was right with the winner again but it appears that I did not give the Sabres enough credit. They actually had a 3-2 series lead. The Flyers are one of the deepest teams in the league with a large amount of talent and speed and they truly were the better team in the series.

3. Boston v 6. Montreal

I said: Bruins in 6

What happened: Boston in 7

This was surely one of the best match-ups in the playoffs so far and it really could have gone either way. Montreal was missing the physical game that the Bruins brought and it put them over the top. Having home ice advantage also helped the Bruins at the end because a game 7 at the Bell Centre in Montreal would have given the Habs an extra boost. The road team reigned supreme in this series but game 7 was another story.

4. Pittsburgh v 5. Tampa Bay

I said: Tampa in 7

What happened: Tampa in 7

I was spot on with this one. Without Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin there was only so much the Pens would be able to accomplish. They have a good team with a lot of good players but they were lacking the finish and star power to put them over the top. Chris Kunitz and Steve Downie embarrassed themselves with their incidences in Tampa and both of them, especially Kunitz, should have been suspended much longer.



1. Vancouver v 8. Chicago

I said: Vancouver in 5

What happened: Vancouver in 7

Finally the Canucks were able to defeat the Hawks and it wasn’t easy. The Canucks took a commanding 3-0 series lead and it looked like it was all over until the Hawks turned on the jets in game 4 with a 7-2 victory. They pounded the Canucks in game 5 in Chicago and won in overtime back in Vancouver for game 6. Game 7 was close but Alex Burrows gave the Canucks a huge win.

2. San Jose v 7. Los Angeles

I said: Sharks in 4

What Happened: Sharks in 6

The Sharks started off well as Heatley scored 30 seconds into game 1 and it paved the way for a Sharks series victory. The Kings put up a decent fight despite not having their best player Anze Kopitar. They will be back next year but the Sharks firepower proved too much for the Kings.

3. Detroit v 6. Phoenix

I said: Wings in 6

What Happened: Wings in 4

The Red Wings looked really strong. Every year it seems they are older and slower and are going to take a step back and it never happens. They play near-perfect hockey and the Coyotes could never get much going. This was the only sweep of the first round and would be the quickest series.

4. Anaheim v 5. Nashville

I said: Ducks in 7

What Happened: Nashville in 6

This was the only series where I was unable to predict the correct winner. The Preds played very sound defensive hockey and Pekka Rinne was stellar in net. Mike Fisher and co. were able to shut down Anaheim’s best players Corey Perrey and Ryan Getzlaf.



I am going to change up my predictions based on how the first round went.


1. Washington v 5 Tampa Bay


The Bolts will put up a fight but the offensive power of the Caps mixed with their new found defensive system will prevail. Look for this series to be surprisingly low scoring.

2. Philadelphia v 3. Boston


The Bruins will get it done this time. They have come a long way from last year and will not let the Flyers embarrass them again. Goaltending is an issue for the Flyers and the Bruins have one of the best in Tim Thomas.


1. Vancouver v 5 Nashville


The Canucks are the best team in the league. The Preds do not have any offensive power to speak of. They thrive on defense and timely goals but the Canucks are also the best defensive team in the league while having a very deep group of forwards. Shea Weber and Ryan Suter be overplayed and will help but not win the series for Nashville.

2. San Jose v 3. Detroit

Detroit in 7

It’s hard to pick against Detroit after seeing how they handled the Coyotes in the first round. Their puck possession game is strong and while the Sharks may have more talent up front with Heatley, Marleau, Thornton, Pavelski, and Cotoure, the Wings have the veteran experience and talent to make it happen.

I was 7/8 in round 1. Let’s see how I do in round 2. Comments?