Devils Pregame Warmups: How I Learned To Accept Pop Music


If there is one thing I love about New Jersey Devils games, it is getting there early for warm-ups.  Whenever I go to a game, I have to be in the building about 30 minutes before the contest.  I need to make sure I’m settled in, that I can find a seat downstairs; Devils side of the rank, penalty box side.  I stand during warm-ups, so I make sure I’m not blocking anyone’s view when I pick my seat.

My views on warmup music changed this year.  I was a huge fan of the alternative 90s music and some classic rock as well.  For example, some of my favorite songs all time that the Devils used to play include Stone Temple Pilots’ “Crackerman”, Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” and many others.

I am NOT a fan of today’s pop/techno/etc., BUT….if you relate something to the New Jersey Devils, I can come around on it.

This year their warmup music consisted mostly of dance/pop/techno music and I actually….gulp….sort of liked it.

I have to say, by middle of the year I was getting chills before pregame warm-ups.  After Kevin Clark finished his “puck-in-the-crowd announcement” that starts with 17 minutes left on the pregame clock, the booming, opening sounds of Martin Solveig’s “Hello” made the hairs on my neck stand.

I really never thought I would hear a rapper played during warm-ups.  While it is Snoop Dogg, it is more of a catchy tune than a “curse-this, curse-that” song that’s straight outta Compton.

OK, to piggyback off the last point…never did I think I would hear a FEMALE rapper take over the airwaves at Prudential Center.  Song is a little quirky but I came around on this one too.

Here’s another pop song…let me take things a step further.  Never thought I would hear a LATINO rapper be played for warmup music.  Whatever, we all went with it…why not, right?

This track is a unique one.  Love the playing piano in the beginning and then it makes a little child lullaby song make your head bop.  Cool cut.

They essentially melded these two songs together to make their own mix.  Both songs sample a cut from an Etta James vocal.  So the first minute of Levels is used before going into Good Feeling.  Sounded pretty smooth and seamless too.

I started to change my stance on certain songs when I  came around on the 2010-11 intro song (start at :18 above).  I hated the “Rise” intro with the crappy rock sound because they used AC/DC so many years.  But I enjoyed it more and more as the year went on though, not because of its sound, but because it represented something.  It represented a team on a crazy second half run.  That’s where I think I started to enjoy the pop warmup music, because it represented the team’s personality.

Pop music…you are OK in my book (when I’m at the Prudential Center that is).