How the Devils can avoid a total meltdown


Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The New Jersey Devils have not won a game yet. Being the only team in the NHL who hasn’t won a game yet is cause for some ridicule, as many fans have called for the firing of coach Pete DeBoer, along with other changes. There are many things wrong with this team so far, there is no question, which is obvious by just looking at their record (0 – 4 – 3). The Devils need wins this season more than ever due to having no first round pick, which is basically Ilya Kovalchuk coming back to haunt the team. Since tanking this season isn’t an option, some changes need to come.

– Fire Peter DeBoer

It took a while for me to make my decision if i was on the “Fire DeBoer” campaign, and now here i am. After hearing the news that Adam Larsson will be scratched in favor of Mark Fayne for Saturdays game against the Rangers, I couldn’t help myself but to demand he be fired. His team is winless, and after last years disappointing ending, it would make sense if he were fired. NHL coaches are often fired, and teams who have fired their coach midway through the season have seen great success, and some have gone on to win the Stanley Cup (see the 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings). Although GM Lou Lamoriello publicly is behind DeBoer right now, if things get any worse, I doubt he will have a second thought in firing him.

– Bench Marty

Martin Brodeur has had one of the greatest careers a goaltender can have, and going over all of his accomplishments would take too long. But its time to have Cory Schneider take over as the number one goalie for the team. Brodeur has .865 save average and a 3.40 Goals Against Average in his four games so far. That save average is good for 43rd in the league, and as much as it pains me to say this, there’s a goalie on the team who should be playing more than Marty. This became blatantly obvious when the Devils lost to Ottawa on Thursday night, as Brodeur managed to let in four goals on only 22 shots. There’s obviously an insane amount of respect for Marty from the staff, and rightfully so, but the Devils would be taking a step in the right direction if Schneider plays more.

Replace Peter Harrold with Mark Fayne, for good

Peter Harrold should not be an everyday player for the Devils. He has not shown any competence on the offensive side of the ice, and his defense has been poor. While he’s on the ice, the Devils have a .815% save percentage, a terrible number. It’s time to insert Mark Fayne into his spot. Mark has been a solid defender in his time in New Jersey, and how Peter stole his spot in the lineup is odd. Replacing Harrold with Fayne in the short term and long term will help the defense.

– Play Jacob Josefson more

Since being drafted in the first round in 2010, Jacob has been injury prone, and in and out of the lineup for the most part. He has shown flashes of at least some offensive skill, and provides some speed that this old Devils lineup could use tremendously. Playing him more wouldn’t kill anybody, someone just needs to tell the coaching staff.

– Play Adam Larsson every game

Adam Larsson clearly hasn’t lived up to his full potential yet. Being a high first round pick comes with the expectation of being a great player. So far, Adam has been alright, but has been in and out of the lineup, and it seems like Pete DeBoer has some vendetta against him. The staff needs to stop making him the scapegoat of the team, as I can name three defensemen on the team who are worse than him. (Anton Volchenkov, Bryce Salvador, and Peter Harrold) if anybody should get benched, it’s Volchenkov. Larsson is only 20 years old and has played in over 100 NHL games, which either shows that he was rushed or that he has some experience, its tricky. Just play him.