Poll: Jacob Josefson or Scott Gomez?


I think in the spirit of having a new editor on Pucks and Pitchforks, we should open up the first week with a little bit of a debate.

The question is simple: Jacob Josefson or Scott Gomez? This is a very loaded question given the history involved in this debate and it will be interesting to see the results.


Personally, I would rather have Josefson on the team to prove that he has one more shot at being a consistent NHL player. In the, mind you, limited time he had on the ice, Josefson was not horrendous and even received support from many teammates including Jaromir Jagr. The key thing about Jagr’s words was that he said he is very underrated. Am I surprised that Josefson got two years? Sure. Does he deserve that contract? Of course not. We won’t truly know Josefson’s worth until he gets a fair, consistent stretch of playing time.

At this moment I feel Josefson brings more to the table than Scott Gomez.

Gomez is a guy who always brings the effort when he plays. If there’s one thing about Gomez, he always busts his butt to earn an NHL roster spot that is truly his. However, where is there room for him? I don’t want a guy like Josefson that potentially has raw talent and is underused to go to a team and light it up. How much will we really get out of Gomez? He’s at the point in his career where he is packing the car to ride off into the sunset.

This isn’t a shot at anyone specific, especially not you David, but what happened to all of the old age on the team? Why is it alright all of a sudden to bring in a guy that doesn’t bring much more than effort in place of a guy that has shown potential in the NHL? If Gomez makes the team, I’m sure he wants to start. Where does he go? On a fourth line that may see the best of the CBGB last season walk away from camp without a contract? It’s obvious that he doesn’t belong in the Top-9 and maybe even the Top-12.

I’m all for bring Gomez in if the forwards situation looked a lot better than it does. There really isn’t a reason to bring in Gomez unless, and I mean unless, Josefson is atrocious in preseason. That’s if he even gets a shot to play.

If Ryan Carter returns, then that seals Gomez’ fate.


Yes, I agree there is no room for anymore forwards. However, as I explained here, there is a good chance that Lou Lamoriello will make a trade (maybe even two) to open up a spot for Carter and possibly someone else.

Now specifically to the question of Brittle Bones vs. Benedict Gomez. Come on man. How sweet would it be if Scotty G came back to where it all started and revived his career? He could wash away the stain from the Hudson River and finally be back where he belongs. Sure I want Gomez back for sentimental purposes but we’ve done it before with Brian Rolston, Jason Arnott and many more. It’s a Devils tradition.

Okay okay okay. Seriously though, aside from the obvious link Gomez has with New Jersey I think he’d be a better fit on the Devils than Josefson. Gomez’s best years are way, way behind him but maybe playing with his former team and old buddy Patrik Elias, Gomez could find some of that magic that led him to win the Calder Trophy along with two Cups.

I’m sure you’re reading this and thinking I’m out of my mind for picking Gomez over Josefson, and I get that. But have you seen Josefson play? When he does get his chance, he’s awful. He’s absolutely awful. How many chances does he need to get? He played on the top-line with Jagr and Travis Zajac at Yankee Stadium and he was invisible (or maybe my eyes froze shut). I was at the game Josefson actually scored a goal in last season and I nearly fell out of my seat. I was in shock. I had no clue he knew how to do that. Yes, Josefson is young and could have this hidden potential that comes out of nowhere but I’ve never seen a glimpse of it. I would much rather give his spot to someone else, anyone else. So in the debate between Josefson and Gomez, yeah, I pick Scotty G.

Besides, knowing JJ, he’ll break a bone at some point in the next three weeks and be on the shelf until March.


Well, there you have it. Two polarizing choices, but both of us agree on one thing: there is a real problem at forward and Lou needs to move someone. It can’t be a matter of “if”; it has to be “when.”

So what do you think? Vote below and tell us in the comments.

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