Brick City Breakdown: Devils blanked by the Flyers.


I only have four words to say about this game: thankfully it’s only preseason. That’s honestly the most important thing to take away from this 4-0 loss. It was that bad. There were a few players that played an alright game but mostly it was a poor effort all the way around. The Devils came out with no energy and were on their heels the entire game. It felt as if the Devils were killing a penalty the whole game; they seemed to be one man short in every situation. The Flyers came out flying (pardon the pun) and the Devils didn’t. But again, it’s only preseason. Can’t get too upset over a game that doesn’t mean a thing.

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Aside from the lack of energy, the most disheartening thing was the penalty kill. Philadelphia scored on their first three power plays in the first period and the Devils didn’t really come close to killing any of them. Bryce Salvador, the team’s captain, looked lost. It was brutal to watch. The only thing I can say for the PK unit was that they were missing many key guys such as Adam Henrique and Andy Greene. However, the guys that were in there still should have done a much better job than they did. The Devils had the best penalty killing unit in the league last season, but it was hard to watch tonight.

Enough dwelling on the negative. I know it was an awful game but I’m all about taking away positives. Aside from no injuries (woo!), there were three players that actually did stand out in some small way.

Cory Schneider

This was Schneider’s first game of the preseason and it didn’t go the way he planned. He gave up four goals on 32 shots and three of those goals were down a man. This was more a case of a poor effort by his supporting cast than a poor effort by Schneider. He really was hung out to dry all game and actually made some strong saves which kept the game from getting more out of hand. Let’s just hope that the team gives Cory more support going forward and not do what they did last season.

Ryan Carter

How does he not have a contract? Carter is one of the most effective forwards the Devils have in camp. In fairness, the whole CBGB line played decent tonight. They were probably the Devils’ best line (even if that’s not saying much). Carter was just born to play Devils hockey. He fits the system to a T and always gives it his all. Tonight, he was in on every forecheck and drew a penalty. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t get signed by the end of preseason. I really would be.

Scott Gomez

Hello old friend turned enemy… turned friend again? On a night where not much happened, Gomez was actually somewhat impressive. He looked like he still had something to offer if he was paired with the right guys. In most people’s minds, Gomez would have to make the team over Jacob Josefson, and quite honestly it might just happen. Josefson has done nothing in the first two preseason games. I have no idea what the brain trust sees in him. He’s a ghost out there. His line was so poor that Peter DeBoer moved Damien Brunner to Gomez’s line in the middle of the game.

There wasn’t much to take away from this game but I also wouldn’t overreact either. Salvador and Josefson I’ve had ill feelings toward for a long time now so this is nothing new, but besides them I wouldn’t throw anyone else under the bus just yet. Chalk it up to a bad night and move on. Again, it technically means nothing so why fret?