New Jersey Devils Introduce “15 Seconds of Fame” Video Technology


The New Jersey Devils will be the first NHL team to introduce a technology that provides personal jumbotron replays to fans at Prudential Center.

The fan experience at Prudential Center just got even more fun. As per, the Devils have reached an agreement with 15 Seconds of Fame, a social media platform that uses cutting-edge technology to deliver video moments of people filmed at live events directly to their mobile device.

“The Devils and Prudential Center are consistently on the cutting edge of technology integration with the goal of creating an amazing fan experience each night,” Daniel Cherry III, New Jersey Devils chief marketing and innovation officer, said in a release. “We are thrilled to partner with 15SOF to be the first hockey team to give fans a new way to consume and share once-in-a-lifetime Devils moments.”

After piloting the app in the last game of the 2015-16 season to positive reviews, the Devils become the first team in the league to offer fans such technology, which will be available during every home game of the 2016-17 season.  The 15 Seconds of Fame app provides instant videoboard replays directly to fans’ smartphones, who will then be able to share the personalized video clip on various social media platforms. All fans need to do is download the 15SOF app on either iTunes or Google Play.

This is really cool.  Ever made it on the jumbrotron before?  Usually by the time you realize you’re on it, the video is gone.  This technology just solved that problem. Now, you can relive that moment and share with your friends and family.  It’s great for everyone, especially kids, because it creates an instant memory that can now be saved and shared for a lifetime.

I love what the Devils are doing here.  It’s a win-win for both the fans and the franchise.  It’s another way to engage fans of all ages, and also instant exposure for the team on a variety of social media platforms. It shows how much the Devils care about the fan experience, and it’s yet another example of them staying up with the times by embracing technology and social media.  We all loved Lou Lamoriello, but you know this never would have happened if he was around. It’s no guarantee that this is going to put more butts in the seats, but it’s certainly going to add to the experience.

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I know if I ever get on the jumbotron, I’ll be doing my best David Puddy impression from Seinfeld.  What will you do with your 15 Seconds of Fame?