New Jersey Devils: 5 Ways Taylor Hall Wins MVP Again

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Taylor Hall Leads League In Game-Winning Goals

Last season, Hall was one of the best players when it came to game-winning goals, but he wasn’t the best. That was Nathan MacKinnon and Brayden Point. His game-winning goals stat is one of the reasons why MacKinnon was second in the league in MVP voting.

Hall would need that same kind of effort if he were to get recognized again. He would need to pair that with a similar point production as he had last season. I’m probably bigger on game-winning goals than most people. It’s not a perfect stat. Obviously, the third goal in an 8-2 drubbing gets the distinction of being the game winner, but it’s still a useful statistic.

One might say that game-winning goals are too flawed a stat, but I disagree. Especially if at least three of those goals come in an overtime game, this would be something the voters would have to look at. Hall leading his team night in and night out to the point that he was scoring the game winner in a third of the teams wins would be something voters couldn’t ignore.

If Hall can score 40 goals, and 12-14 of them were game winners, with a few of those coming in overtime, that will go a long way in him going for a second Hart Trophy. If he is the man with his hands raised at the end of most games, then he will be the man heading to Las Vegas at the end of the season.