New Jersey Devils: 5 Ways Taylor Hall Wins MVP Again

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Taylor Hall Has A Massive Point Difference Again

When I say again, I really mean much larger. Like, beating last year considerably larger. He has to make this one different.

Last year’s point difference was 41 points. Hall ended the season with 93 points, while Hischier ended the season with 52 points. This season, we’d need to see something crazier. Something like, Hischier got hurt (knock on all of the wood) and Hall literally had to do it all by himself.

Last season was close to that, with Kyle Palmieri getting hurt and Jesper Bratt hitting an absolute wall, meaning there was nobody helping them on right wing. To use the point difference argument again, it needs to be something different than last season. Just saying that he has more points than the next closest guy won’t work because that was the same exact argument they used last year. Sure, on paper the same argument that won him the MVP should win him the MVP again, but that’s not how sports award voting works.

If Hall can hit 100 points, and beat the next guy on the team by 50, then he has to get love for the MVP award. Voters love when players hit the 100 point mark, and having a 50 point lead on the next guy on the team is a ridiculous number that’s near impossible to hit. Because of that near impossibility, this would give him a lot of love for the MVP award.