New Jersey Devils: 5 Players Impacted By Ray Shero Firing

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(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The New Jersey Devils fired their general manager in a move absolutely nobody saw coming. Some players are now in different standing after the man who brought them here is now gone.

Hope. That was everything in what’s now the completed Ray Shero era with the New Jersey Devils. The New Jersey Devils would always make moves that gave us hope for the future, but still reluctant to ever believe we were all the way there. We as Devils fans were always waiting for what’s next.

Now, what’s next is a new regime entirely. We already had an interim head coach in Alain Nasreddine. Now, we have interim general manager Tom Fitzgerald. That’s what we as fans have to live with, another thing that makes us sort of a laughing stock. That situation is why the Devils are now looking to change every major position on the team.

When a head coach leaves, it usually severely changes the day-to-day operations. Simple things like practice times and media availability changes. When a GM gets fired, it usually takes a long time to see those changes. Here, we may not have to wait as long.

The New Jersey Devils want to change the culture of losing immediately. The owners basically said as much. This team has better talent, even without Taylor Hall, than their record suggests. After beating the Tampa Bay Lightning to end their 10-game win streak, they still find themselves last in the Metropolitan Division.

With Shero gone, some Devils players may be wondering their standing with the organization. They absolutely should be wondering what’s going to be next for them. There are some players who this might be good news for their futures in New Jersey (looking at you Sami and Kyle), however many have to wonder what their future is now that the man who committed to them is no longer committed to the organization.

These five players have to really be questioning their future with the New Jersey Devils.

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