New Jersey Devils: Three Players Who Need To Improve After Time Off

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The New Jersey Devils are not a good team. With so many players struggling, these three players especially need to be better if any of that is going to change.

The New Jersey Devils are not very good. This season has been a major disappointment. They had so many significant additions over the summer, which made them a hot pick to make the playoffs. They have not even come close to living up to it so there has to be a look in the mirror by management. They need to make some changes again in order to turn this thing around so they have to figure out what those moves are.

They fired the head coach John Hynes back in December and then followed that up with the firing of general manager Ray Shero a few weeks later. They also traded Taylor Hall to the Arizona Coyotes during that tough stretch. It has been a miserable year to be a fan of this team and some people have paid the price for it already. The search is on for permanent replacements to the lost pieces but the show still goes on, on the ice.

You can only blame the coach and GM for so long. They need to start evaluating the players and holding some of them responsible for not carrying their own weight. This final stretch down the season is going to be very telling to those currently running the team. There are some people who have played well despite the horrible season and there are some that have not. These three players need to be better in the post-All-Star portion of the schedule: