New Jersey Devils: Three Players Who Need To Improve After Time Off

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New Jersey Devils Damon Severson
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Damon Severson. 2. player. 85. . D. New Jersey Devils

One of the biggest scapegoats on the current New Jersey Devils team is Damon Severson. He is a good player that is not having a really good year. In the summer there were a lot of Devils fans that came to the defense of Severson when the national media didn’t recognize him as a good player but they have completely turned their backs. Well, Severson has a chance down the stretch to prove himself. He can’t get back the own goal that he scored against the Toronto Maple Leafs or any of the other bad moments from the season so it is time to move on.

Hopefully, this break will be good for him. The name of Severson’s game is the offense. He has produced offense better than any defenseman on the Devils over the past few seasons. Right now, he only has five goals and 11 assists which is way off the pace of the 11 goals and 28 assists he had last season. It gets to think about when you remember that last year the Devils were riddled with injuries and had much less talent in front of him.

The stretch of the season is an opportunity for him to get back on track. It would be awesome for the future of this team if he can get back to the level he was at last year. He just needs to be a little better in his own zone as well, and then he should be on his way. The Devils would be well suited if he was their third-best defenseman if they ever turn the corner.