New Jersey Devils: Five Teams That Could Use Wayne Simmonds

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The New Jersey Devils are likely going to make some trades. Wayne Simmonds could be one of those names on the move this trade deadline.

The New Jersey Devils thought they were on track to be a playoff team when they sighed Wayne Simmonds in the offseason to a one-year deal. Hindsight says that they probably should have used that money elsewhere, but it is what it is at this point. If the Devils were going to the playoffs, a guy like Simmonds would be useful for his experience and toughness, but they really don’t need that from him anymore.

There are plenty of teams that would greatly benefit from adding Simmonds. It would be nice to see him have a chance at the Stanley Cup after all he has been through in his career. There was a point when he was on the Philadelphia Flyers where he was one of the best power forwards in the league. He would fight, defend his teammates, and score 30 goals with consistency.

It hasn’t been quite as successful offensively lately, but he can still provide the other intangibles. The Devils only signed him to a one-year deal so a team wouldn’t be taking too much of a risk by acquiring him at the deadline. He can absolutely add that bit of toughness that a lot of teams that are headed to the playoffs lack. He is a motivated player who knows he needs to earn a contract next year once again. He might be taking a bit of a pay cut again as he gets a little older. These are the five teams that could use Simmonds the most:

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