New Jersey Devils Will Pay Employees During Suspension Of Season

New Jersey Devils owner Joshua Harris (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
New Jersey Devils owner Joshua Harris (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The New Jersey Devils and the rest of the NHL are suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They are handling it in a classy way as they make decisions.

The New Jersey Devils, along with the rest of the National Hockey League, have been suspended due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus. That has caused the entire league to be put on pause until further notice. The Devils pause with what would have been 13 games remaining on the schedule. Seven of those remaining 13 games were to be played at the Prudential Center. It is not a good scene right now as this impacts more than just the players.

There are people who work at The Rock who are employees that don’t have work when the team is suspended. The New Jersey Devils have handled this in a classy manner as a new report came out early on Friday. Elliot Friedman reported on Twitter that Devils owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer are going to pay hourly event staff for postponed games at Prudential Center. He gave the quote saying “Employees are family… It’s important to band together and lift each other up during these difficult times.” 

Those are some powerful words coming from the Devils’ ownership. They obviously understand the issues that are going on and how they are affecting their employees. Obviously, there are the players and management team that people think about during times like this but so much more goes into running an NHL game. It is good to know that the team is going to take care of those who are suffering the most thanks to this pandemic.

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We don’t know how long the league is going to remain suspended or if things will get back to normal anytime soon, but we can only hope. The Devils are having a bad season with all things considered, but there are still some things to figure out. Hopefully, things are able to get back to normal sooner than later.