5 Options For New Jersey Devils Out Of League Suspension

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The Regular Season Continues When Hockey Returns

The New Jersey Devils currently have 13 games theoretically left in the season. In 69 games, they have 68 points. The thought of possible playoff berth is basically out of the question, so they’d be basically playing out the string. It’s one thing to play out the string when the season has been ongoing and there’s no time to think about it. It’s a completely different thing when a team has to wait for weeks, then out of nowhere reset themselves to play a full docket of games.

In all likelihood, the Devils would be playing an accelerated schedule. It would look a lot like the schedule the Devils played in 2013. Of course, that was a much different situation. The Devils were the defending Eastern Conference Champions. They had points in the first six games until the schedule became too much for an older team.

This time around, the Devils would be jumping in with nothing to play for. Honestly, they’d have to consider what is actually worth it.

On top of all that, the league would have to figure out all the minor leagues. Are the Binghamton Devils playing? Would it make sense to restart all of the hockey leagues? What about Juniors and NCAA hockey? We don’t think they are coming back. Should the Devils add Reilly Walsh and Ty Smith to the roster? How should they go about the season?

If it’s just an NHL season that is starting, then they might go all hands on deck with the prospects. Kevin Bahl? Sure, come on down. Graeme Clarke? He’s not NHL ready, but none of this makes sense. Aarne Talvitie? Who knows at this point. It could be fun, though.