5 Options For New Jersey Devils Out Of League Suspension

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Everyone Makes The Playoffs

We have heard this brought up multiple times at this point. Instead of playing out the regular season, the NHL would start some kind of playoff format. There are so many ways they can do this, but one specific way is to let every single team in, including Detroit. Another ways is to do it without Detroit since the Red Wings were already eliminated from the playoffs.

There are probably going to be bye scenarios no matter what they do. If the Devils were to play the 31 team scenario, they’d be going up against the Pittsburgh Penguins for the “first round”. Would the first round be one game, three games, five games or seven games? That’s also without the top teams getting byes. The NHL would hate this scenario since the Devils have had a good past against the Penguins. However, it would be ironic because the last game the Devils played they were undressed by the Pens.

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If it’s a 30-team scenario, they would take on the Capitals. If we gave all the division leaders bye weeks, then they’d be facing the Hurricanes? That starts to make things complicated, but the point is the Devils may inexplicably make the playoffs this season.