New Jersey Devils: 5 College Coaches Who Could Be Head Coach

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Mike Schafer – Cornell University

Mike Schafer is currently the head coach of the best team in college hockey. That’s always a positive when teams are looking to give him a promotion. Big Red has only lost six games this whole season, four in overtime. They are the best team in college hockey, and they were looking to win their first championship in 50 years.

That is an issue, however. Are the Devils really willing to give the keys to the franchise to a coach who’s never had a championship pedigree while in a lesser form of hockey?

Schafer is a really good defensive coach, only allowing 48 goals against in 30 total games. That’s less than two goals against per game for those of you really bad at math. That’s good for second best in the country behind Minnesota State. They play that bruising style of hockey that wears people down.

Will that translate to the NHL? That’s really hard to tell. Obviously, his defensive chops make him an intriguing option for the Devils. They desperately need help on the blue line, but they also can’t have the offensive side completely ignored. Can they go with someone who focuses so much of stopping goals against when the team wants to build around Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes?

Schafer is again an intriguing option, but maybe not the right coach for the players the Devils have in place right now. It’s hard to get the best of both worlds, but if the Devils are going to go into the NCAA to hire their coach they will need to have someone who is more well rounded.