5 Players New Jersey Devils Should Consider Trading In Offseason

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New Jersey Devils Will Butcher
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D. New Jersey Devils. Will Butcher. 1. player. 85.

Will Butcher has been very up and down since he signed with the New Jersey Devils a few summers ago. He has been good enough to be in the lineup in pretty much every game but sometimes he makes a lot of mistakes. One thing that he has been good at is moving the puck. He has 82 assists in 215 NHL games and those are mostly on Devils teams that aren’t very good.

He clearly has some offensive skills but none of them have been able to help the Devils get over the hump. He is a good player on the power play but he hasn’t even gotten the proper power-play ice over the past few seasons. The Devils might be smart to move Butcher for the right price once the summer comes around. They might even be able to get something decent for him from a contender looking to add a third or fourth defenseman.

They also might decide to keep him because of his potential. Either way, the Devils need to decide what to do with Butcher that will be best for the organization. He is a nice player to have in the organization, but trading him should at a minimum be a possibility.