5 Players New Jersey Devils Should Consider Trading In Offseason

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New Jersey Devils Cory Schneider
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Cory Schneider has really struggled to stay consistent over the past few seasons. He has even spent time in the American Hockey League this season which is something nobody ever saw coming. He went from being one of the best goalies in the NHL for a long time to incapable of holding a full-time job in the NHL.

After this season, the Devils have two more years with Schneider at 6 million dollars on the books. If a team that has a lot of cap space that needs a stop-gap goalie, they might be willing to take on Schneider if the Devils sweeten the pot or retain on his contract. There is a possibility that they cut him if they are not able to find a deal that works but they should definitely try.

The Devils owe it to Schneider to try to put him in the best situation possible. He was such a good goaltender for a very long time but they weren’t able to put a good team in front of him. Now, he is a little bit older and hasn’t been himself. Hopefully, they are able to figure out something that is good for both him and the team.

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It is unclear how the Devils are going to be in the offseason. They might make a lot of moves and they might not. One thing that is for sure is that no matter what happens, people will probably keep their expectations under control this time around. They might trade a few of the players above and they might trade none of them. If they are offered a significant package for any of them, they should definitely think about it.