New Jersey Devils: Could They Make Trades With Non-Playoff Teams?

The New Jersey Devils could make trades if they want with the six other non-playoff teams, but could they possibly do so?

The New Jersey Devils are going be one of the seven non-playoff teams with the NHL’s return to play format that they have submitted. It also came out that those seven teams can make trades with each other as they gear up for the Draft Lottery. The other six teams are the Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, and Buffalo Sabres. Any of those teams can now trade with each other so should the Devils get involved?

Well, the Buffalo Sabres are already hearing some backlash from their star player, Jack Eichel. He is one of the league’s ten best players and he hates losing. He is making it clear to the public that he is unhappy in his situation. It seems unlikely that the Devils have a chance at him, but he might be on the block if he truly hates playing there and wants out.

The Devils probably don’t have many trades to make with any of them because they are all bad teams, but you never know what is ever on the table. The Ottawa Senators have the San Jose Sharks first-round pick so two chances at the lottery. They could be looking to gain assets through one of them by moving down. You never know if the Devils make a move on that if it is available and they like one of Tim Stutzle or Quinton Byfield.

It might be worth it to take a look at how they can make their team better in any way they can. Each of these non-playoff teams was non-playoff teams for a reason but they all have things that other teams could use in different ways. The only team that seems like there is a 0 percent chance of the Devils making a trade with any time soon is the Detroit Red Wings.

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The Devils haven’t been shy over the past few years to make big trades to try and improve their team. Some of them have worked and some of them have been complete failures, but it makes you wonder if they will be making any trades any time soon where they are allowed.