New Jersey Devils: Can Long Layoff Help Cory Schneider?

The New Jersey Devils would love to see the long layoff help out Cory Schneider.

The New Jersey Devils have an interesting situation in net that needs to be figured out. They have Mackenzie Blackwood who looks like he can become a very good number one goalie in the league. He was brilliant from the start of December 2019 to the end of the season. The question for the team is Cory Schneider and the backup goalie position for the future. Could the long layoff be a reason to bring Schneider back and see if he can rebound?

Cory Schneider has been a great Devils goalie for much of his tenure. He took the torch from Martin Brodeur and ran with it for a while. Now, it seems like his time is just about up. They would probably be wise not to waste another year and look at some other options outside of Schneider to be one of their two goalies.

Blackwood was 22-14-8 on a team that went 28-29-12 so you can see that every other goalie on the team really cost them some standings points. Whoever backs him up (or perhaps even splits time with him, depending on who they sign) needs to be so much better than that if they want to have a chance at being competitive.

With all of that said, if nothing comes up and Schneider isn’t bought out, traded, or sent to the minors, the long delay might be able to help him. He has been bad for a few years now since his elite days, but there is the question of whether or not he can benefit from the long layoff. A lot of people believe that his injuries are the reason for him falling off a cliff and it makes sense. It might be something that he is never truly coming back from but you never know. If he can’t come back strong after a layoff like this, he never will.

There is also the chance that he gets bought out and signs with another organization. The question still remains there as to whether or not he would be better after the long layoff with that team. Either way, Schneider has been a great soldier on a bad team for a long time, so we wish him well with whatever is next. It would be a lot of fun to see him play well again someday whether or not it is with the Devils.