New Jersey Devils Find Tasteful Way To Put Ads On Helmets

New Jersey Devils - Pavel Zacha (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New Jersey Devils - Pavel Zacha (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New Jersey Devils helmet advertisements actually aren’t too bad.

When word came out that teams were going to put advertisements on helmets this year to make up lost revenue from last season and presumably this season, some fans were really against it. Thinking about a gaudy yellow McDonald’s logo on the side of the New Jersey Devils‘ helmet seemed awful. Then, the team announced who was actually sponsoring the team, and things started to make more sense.

The Devils are adding the Prudential logo to the side of their helmets for the 2021 season. For what it is, it’s very tasteful. For one, the logo is the same as the arena in which the Devils play. New Jersey has been associated with Prudential since they moved to Newark. This almost feels like it might have always been a part of the uniform.

When comparing it to the Washington Capitals logo, which chose Capital One as its sponsor (which admittedly is very funny), the Devils definitely have the better look. Colors are just hard to sell to fans when it’s on a black helmet. They stand out way too much (which is probably the point).

Devils fans shouldn’t have a problem with this. This very small detail to the team’s ensemble will likely be forgotten very quickly, at least for the Devils. They made it a lot harder for other teams because they will constantly be compared to the Devils’ Prudential logo. The white on the black makes it easy to digest. If this stops the team from making tickets or concessions more expensive, bring it on.