New Jersey Devils: Options For A Backup Goaltender

Gilles Senn #31 of the New Jersey Devils. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Gilles Senn #31 of the New Jersey Devils. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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New Jersey Devils
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Gilles Senn

Gilles Senn suited up for the first time for the New Jersey Devils. Those two games are not what the team would look at as much as his Binghamton numbers, which were not all that different with a .901 save percentage and a 2.77goals against average.

Many Devils fans hoped he’d be better, but he has shown that to be his consistent number since the previous season in Switzerland with HC Davos. He put up yet again a .901 save percentage in 20 games, but that team was pretty terrible. Senn doesn’t have any stats that show he is an NHL goalie and at 24 years of age that is unlikely to change.

Scott Wedgewood

Once the big up-and-coming goaltender for the Devils before he was traded for a 5th-round pick to the Arizona Coyotes, Scott Wedgewood is back again. At 28 years old, he is what he is as a goalie and should be ready to go. For the Devils in the 15-16 season, he played four games only allowing 1.25 goals a game with a .957 save percentage. While not a big set to look at, there is absolutely nothing he could have realistically done to stay with the team and prove himself. With the B-Devils that season, he sported absolutely insane numbers much like the NHL. In 22 games had a 1.55 GAA with a .933 save percentage. He showed everything he could to be a starter and the Devils gave up on it.

After this, the change of scenery did not go well for him, where he dropped to 3.45 goals against and a sub .900 save percentage on a bad Coyotes team. Since that year, he has languished in the minors for two seasons without the same success. This is his big chance however to find the style of play and show the great skills when he last had his shot. While it may look like a longshot, Wedgewood has all the skills needed to play a backup role for this team and keep them in games.