New Jersey Devils: How Far Should We Look Into Owen Power’s Comments?

Owen Power #25 of Team Canada. (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)
Owen Power #25 of Team Canada. (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images) /

Michigan defenseman and most analysts’ top prospect in the 2021 NHL Draft Owen Power was asked on NHL Now what he was thinking of doing with his future in hockey. He’s expected to be the number-one overall pick to the Buffalo Sabres, so he could likely jump right into the NHL. However, he said he’s leaning towards going back to the University of Michigan.

That sent social media into a storm of opinions. Going back to school leaves him at risk of wanting to stay in school. If he stays in school through his senior year, then he will become a free agent. Overreact accordingly.

The immediate aftermath of his quote shows this isn’t the deal it’s being made out to be.

"“It’s something I’d like to do just trying to get the true experience of playing college hockey. At the end of the day, it obviously depends on what the team wants and what everyone around me thinks is best,” Owen Power on NHL Now."

These kids are trained to talk to the media, and this is a pretty good answer. He clearly wants to go back to school. Luke Hughes is going to Michigan next season, so the Wolverines could be the best team in college hockey next season. There is a ton of talent on that team, and most of it is expected to come back while the Hobey Baker winner Cole Caufield is going to be in the NHL for the rest of his career after his run in the playoffs.

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Some might look into the comments of Power, but it’s clear he will take what his NHL team wants over everything else. Does he want to go back to college? Yes, but it won’t be at the expense of his future employer. There’s nothing to see here. However, if overreaction to these comments means he could fall to the New Jersey Devils, then we’re all for it.