New Jersey Devils: 3 Huge Trades To Bring Quinn Hughes Here

Jack Hughes #86 of the New Jersey Devils and Quinn Hughes #43 of the Vancouver Canucks. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Jack Hughes #86 of the New Jersey Devils and Quinn Hughes #43 of the Vancouver Canucks. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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New Jersey Devils
Quinn Hughes #43 of the Vancouver Canucks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

If that Vancouver Canucks wanted nothing to do with picks and wanted to get some young pieces for the now and long the long term, which sounds a lot like a move their GM would make, the Devils might be able to tempt them. The previously-mentioned 1st-round pick in defender Mukhamadullin and another set of defenders in the 24-year-old Jonas Siegenthaler and the 22-year-old Reilly Walsh would be two interesting pieces. Other than the third Hughes brother, these are probably the two best prospects defensively for the Devils on top of a positive possession young NHL defender.

Dawson Mercer is a sneaky good player and while he may never be a true top-line player. He can, however, still put up points and plays the responsible game that coaches love. This trade could end up being a big loss for the Devils if both top prospects pan out as high-end players, but as always it is about risk-reward and Quinn Hughes is a known commodity.

The Devils still have $12 million in cap space and while they need to be smart if a move was made they could throw $7 million at the eldest Hughes brother quite easily, something his current team can’t do. His addition would finish what is needed on defense and the team could potentially have such a star-laden back end that it would be talked about like the mid-2000s.


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This is what the trade would do for the Devils for the next four or five years likely which is absolutely insane on paper. Every one of these players can move the puck and put up points at a good number and this is only as it sits now. They still have good prospects such as the often mentioned here Mukhamadullin and guys like Walsh and Bahl who could be up as soon as this season. Even if the price is heavy the Devils should and would definitely make the move even though the cost would be two 1st-round picks or players from that round plus something decent.