5 Contracts New Jersey Devils Can Use In Jack Hughes Negotiations

New Jersey Devils center Jack Hughes (86): (Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports)
New Jersey Devils center Jack Hughes (86): (Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports) /
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New Jersey Devils Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

Nico Hischier: 7 years, $7.25 million AAV

Nico Hischier signed his deal one year early with then-GM Ray Shero. He showed he was a very good center at the time even though he had a lot of growing to do. Hischier took over the first-line center position from day one when Travis Zajac got hurt right before his rookie year. He helped lead Taylor Hall to his only MVP season.

Hischier is in the second year of the deal, and the first year didn’t go well. He was injured throughout the year, and the team was pretty bad. However, Hischier is still one of the two centerpieces to this team. The other centerpiece is Jack Hughes.

So, it would make sense that the Devils would give these two players matching contracts. If the Devils gave Hughes a seven-year contract now, then the Devils would have two years between star contracts. It would give the Devils time to find more money if they need raises from their current deals.

Hischier signed his deal before the pandemic, so things have changed in the hockey world. We are in a flat cap league for the next few seasons most likely, but thankfully at least the TV deals and coming back to full arenas should help with escrow, although reports say the players still owe the league a lot of money. Even still, the Devils would be very happy if this is the deal Hughes signs.