Pucks And Pitchforks New Jersey Devils Season Preview

Dougie Hamilton #7 of the New Jersey Devils. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Dougie Hamilton #7 of the New Jersey Devils. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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New Jersey Devils
The New Jersey Devils. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Every season, Pucks and Pitchforks prepares for what we hope is a great season of New Jersey Devils hockey. This season is different, however. The Devils have some serious expectations following them, so we decided to do our season preview a little differently. We asked the Pucks and Pitchforks writers five different questions, asking them to see into the future about what the season will behold. They look at the Devils specifically, and also the NHL as a whole. Without further ado, here are our predictions for the 2021-22 NHL season.

1) Where do you predict the Devils will finish in the Metropolitan Division?

Nick Villano: I think the Devils end up in fifth place this season. They will get exactly 90 points. It will be a fun ride, and they will end up ahead of the Flyers, Hurricanes, and Blue Jackets, but it comes just short of being in the playoff hunt.

Vinnie Parise: I believe the New Jersey Devils will have a much-improved point total but not good enough for the postseason. 7th place in the Metropolitan Division feels right as of right now.

Dan Rice: I think they’ll just miss the playoffs by 6-10 points. But will be in the mix past the trade deadline.

Mike Luci: Hard to say where the Devils (or any team for that matter) will finish in their division since it’s near impossible to make predictions like that accurately. I do believe the Metropolitan Division will be very competitive with 5-7 or so points separating 3rd-7th place, and very well expect the Devils to be in that mix.

Rob DeLuca: 6th place. This is of course not good enough for the playoffs. The team will be significantly improved from last year and will meet expectations of competing right to the end of the season and just fall short of playoffs. 87 points.

Charlie Borges Jr.: The Devils will surprise people but are still another year or so away from actually competing and having the young kids grow into their own. The Devils will finish 5th in the Metropolitan Division this season, finishing 5th in the division with 88 points, and miss the playoffs by 3 points. The Devils will finish ahead of the Rangers, Flyers, and Blue Jackets.

David Lebovitz: The Metro is this bizarre combination of teams on the rise, teams on the decline, and whatever the hell the Hurricanes are after that offseason. I’m thinking the Devils get third or fourth in the division and just squeak into the playoffs.

Steve Palumbo: This Devils team is poised to take a big step in the standings. That said, the playoffs are a long shot. Even with breakout seasons from the likes of Jack Hughes and Yegor Sharangovich, the Devils will finish no higher than 5th in the Metro. No playoffs… yet.

Sam Woo: Clinch the last playoff spot in the Metro on the last game of the season against Red Wings with 98 pts.

David Holiday: Fourth place in the division and yes they will make the playoffs in the final week. The division will be tough and teams 3-6 should be closely packed but the Devils now have the defense to make it interesting.