Devils Rumors: Reported Black Jersey Is A Major Miss By Adidas

There are reports out there that the New Jersey Devils are finally getting a third jersey that is a black alternate. It’s something the fanbase has been clamoring for decades. If the team was going to go for an alternate, fans didn’t want a green one like they had been getting. A black alternate always made the most sense. It was the Devils secondary color, and it was already a part of the team’s current jersey.

There was a leak on Saturday of the “new jersey” and it is not what most people wanted. It is a black jersey, but there are two major differences that have fans saying “no thanks”.

The word on the street is this jersey was sent by mistake to someone who ordered it. Now we’re getting our first look at the jersey, that literally says Jersey across the front.

There are a few issues here. For one, they messed with the best part of the Devils jersey. The logo for the Devils is one of the best in sports. Adidas has been trying to find the history of hockey in a lot of these alternate jerseys. Adidas had a subtle call back to the Newark Bulldogs hockey team in their original jersey design back in 2017.

Now, it seems like the jersey design is going a lot more into the Newark Bulldogs look. Sports Logos website goes through the similarities in the two jersey designs and even has a few side-by-side pictures. The striping seems to be a real testament to the old days of hockey in Newark, but it’s weird that Adidas is turning so clearly into a team that doesn’t have a huge history in Newark. The Bulldogs played one season of minor league hockey back in 1928.

The jersey could be a lot better. It’s not completely terrible in my opinion, but we can’t get past the logo. If we wanted to do the stripes on the sleeves as a throwback to the Bulldogs, that’s fine, but just put the Devils logo on the chest. Add that script logo to the shoulders if the company absolutely has to, but to take the iconic Devils logo off it entirely is just silly.