5 Jesper Bratt Contract Comparisons New Jersey Devils Should Use

New Jersey Devils left wing Jesper Bratt (63): Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports
New Jersey Devils left wing Jesper Bratt (63): Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports /
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New York Rangers left wing Chris Kreider (20): Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports /

Chris Kreider – 7 years, $45.5 million

There are obviously some incredible differences between this contract and the other contracts on the list. We even broke some rules to add this contract. The Rangers signed Kreider before he was set to become an unrestricted free agent. The Rangers signed him right before the NHL Trade Deadline when Kreider was one of the most popular names on the dirt sheets. Kreider could have gotten this deal anywhere, but he signed it with the Rangers to stay on Broadway.

Bratt has a lot less power in his situation. He can’t wait it out to see what his value really is. He has to sign with the Devils or sign an offer sheet which will cost his new team at least a first-round pick.

The similarities between the two deals are the Devils and Rangers were in similar positions. The Devils believe they are close to being a playoff contender. The Rangers felt like they were in need of a rebuild, but they never wanted it to last that long. This deal will pay Kreider much further into his older years than anything Bratt could sign would.

However, this is the exact deal that would likely make everyone happy. Bratt doesn’t sign for the maximum possible years, and he becomes an unrestricted free agent right when he turns 30. If he’s a superstar player at that point, he will sign another massive deal. The Devils don’t break the banks and they keep another contract below the highest possible value. Hischier, Hughes, and Bratt signed to deals for around $22 million over at least six years is ideal. This is the deal the Devils should push for.