New Jersey Devils: Finding 3 John Gibson Trades That Make Sense

John Gibson #36 of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
John Gibson #36 of the Anaheim Ducks (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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The New Jersey Devils desperately need a goalie. One of the best names in the game is available. What would it take for the Devils to get John Gibson from the Anaheim Ducks?

This one is going to be interesting. We’ve been on the record saying that trading for John Gibson is a bad idea. The Anaheim Ducks haven’t been getting the best out of Gibson the past few years. He’s had a save percentage below .905 for three years in a row. It’s obvious the Ducks haven’t been very good, and that led us to say we don’t want Gibson for the New Jersey Devils. It seems like he’s on the downside, but let’s address the situation as a whole. Many people that we trust have told us Gibson is a good piece to target. We’ve asked people in the analytics community and more scout-based people, and everyone says that Gibson is salvageable.

Gibson is playing for a dreadful team, and it’s clear they are wasting his prime. He’s 28 years old, and it’s clear he’s frustrated. With how much goaltending is mental, it has to hurt to be stuck on a losing team night in and night out. The Ducks gave up 1,009 high-danger chances at all strengths last season. Natural Stat Trick says only eight other teams allowed more.

Gibson was in the Jordan Binnington/Mikko Koskinen range when it comes to goals saved above average. However, when it comes to high-danger goals saved above average, he’s actually ranked 14th. The Devils would love to have an above-average goalie to lean on next season. So, what would it cost? Let’s go over a few trades that might make it happen.

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Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson (36): Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports /

Trade 1

This one has a lot of elements, but making a Gibson deal work likely has to add more than a normal superstar trade. In a trade for, say, David Pastrnak, the Boston Bruins only want massive pieces. They want the best of the best and nothing else. For the Ducks to trade Gibson, they have to find the right move with some high-upside pieces.

The Devils are honestly spending more than they might have to here since the market for Gibson will be interesting. What will the Ducks want? The Devils have an interesting proposition for Anaheim. Not only do they have a bevy of picks and prospects to choose from, but they also have a goalie who might be salvageable himself. Mackenzie Blackwood needs a change of scenery just like Gibson, and this could be a deal that makes everyone happy.

The Devils are still paying a premium here. Nolan Foote is a really good prospect who is now the best hope to get something serious out of the Blake Coleman trade. If they can turn him into a piece to get John Gibson, great. They are also giving the Ducks two draft picks to make it a little more worth their while. That second-round pick has a lot of value, and it probably pushes the Ducks over the edge to make the deal.