New Jersey Devils: Luke Hughes Dominates Team USA’s First Game

For those New Jersey Devils (or NHL fans) who didn’t know, the World Junior Classic is being played right now in Edmonton, Alberta. The originally scheduled version of this tournament was supposed to happen back in December and January but was canceled after a few games due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Everything from the first go before it was canceled has been scrapped. Russia was replaced by Latvia due to political issues. It got underway on Tuesday night and one New Jersey Devils player made a big impact for Team USA.

Of course, Luke Hughes is the top prospect for the Devils and one of the three top prospects in the NHL as a whole. Before he gets this season going with the University of Michigan, however, he is going to play for Team USA in this tournament.

Thier first game against Germany was an impressive one as they won 5-1. Luke Hughes led Team USA in ice-time which is good to see as he can play some big minutes in big games. He was named to be the player of the game because he scored a goal and added an assist in the win.

Luke Hughes is going to be a big part of the New Jersey Devils for a long time.

Everyone is expecting a lot from Luke Hughes everywhere he goes. He was the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft and is looking like he might go number one if the draft were redone now. He is a defenseman that can control play and use his skating to keep others from getting good chances.

Everyone also knows him for being the younger brother of Jack and Quinn Hughes. Jack (a center) was the first overall pick by New Jersey in the 2019 NHL Draft and is looking like a legit NHL superstar now. Quinn was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks a year later and is one of the best defensemen in the NHL.

Luke doesn’t really play like Quinn all that much as he is a little bit more well-rounded in his game. They both, however, have offensive instincts that help them run power plays and generate chances at even strength. That was on full display for Luke in this game against Germany.

Going back to Michigan for one more season was an incredibly smart decision by Luke. Whenever they are eliminated (or win it all), he will join his brother Jack in the NHL and never look back.

He dominated as an 18-year-old on a team that had Owen Power ahead of him on the depth chart so he should excel even more this year with more experience and opportunity. Getting off to a good start to 2022-23 began with this amazing game he had and will continue throughout the tournament.