One Big-Time Hockey Writer Thinks The World Of Jack Hughes

Everyone that watches the New Jersey Devils on a consistent basis knows just how good Jack Hughes is. He is one of the most talented forwards that the New Jersey Devils have ever had in their history.

Now, people outside of New Jersey are starting to realize it too. In fact, one NHL author for the Athletic ($) thinks that he is the best player under the age of 23 in the world right now. That is some high praise from Corey Pronman.

This is a list that has all of the players in the league ranked if they are under the age of 23 right now. Jack Hughes came in at the number one spot which is incredibly impressive as players like this don’t come around your favorite team very often.

This list is an in-depth analysis of all (under 23) players that are either considered prospects or early in their NHL careers. All of these guys are still developing in some way shape or form and Jack is considered the best right now.

The New Jersey Devils should be very happy with Jack Hughes these days.

The Devils had a few different players on the list as well. His younger brother Luke Hughes came in at 11, Simon Nemec is at 26, Dawson Mercer is at 46, Alexander Holtz is at 56, Nolan Foote is at 83, and Shakir Mukhamadullin came in at 105.

As a result of all these kids being on the list for the Devils, they came in at third place for the best group in the league only trailing the Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres. That is a really good spot to be in right now with Jack Hughes leading the way.

In 2021-22, Hughes dealt with some injuries. However, it was so obvious that he can be an impact player when he is healthy. If he can stay on the ice for most of 2022-23, the sky is the limit for both him and his teammates around him.

Once Hughes is a little bit older, faster, stronger, and more experienced, he will be considered to be one of the best players in the league no matter what age. That is going to be a time when the Devils need to be competing for Stanley Cups.

Hopefully, this incredible development of Jack Hughes continues along with all of the other great young players that they have in their system.