New Jersey Devils 2022-23 Regular Season Player Predictions

New Jersey Devils center Jack Hughes (86): Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
New Jersey Devils center Jack Hughes (86): Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports /
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New Jersey Devils, Dougie Hamilton
Dougie Hamilton #7 of the New Jersey Devils. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Dougie Hamilton
G: 12 A: 40 PTS: 52

Dougie Hamilton had a rough season after his injury. On top of his broken jaw, he was dealing with lower-body pain for a good part of the season. Even with all that, he was the best defender on the team and still had half a point a game. This season, we should expect a big bounceback. This team will score a lot more goals and with him and Jack on the first PP, his points total will be challenging for a career-high for him.

Ryan Graves
G: 6 A: 23 PTS: 29

Ryan Graves did what the Devils needed from him last year. The big man will be a massive part of the team this season. He just needs to play his game and use his size like before and he will be invaluable to this team. He is also a pending UFA which could make things interesting at the end of the year.

Jonas Seigenthaler
G: 2 A: 12 PTS: 14

Jonas Siegenthaler signed long-term this offseason and finally took the step to being a true NHL top-four defender, which is fantastic to see. He could become a contract steal, but we also need to remember it was just one season. When it comes to points, he will get virtually none because that is not his game which is just fine. This team needs guys who can defend and his value is in that.

Damon Severson
G: 10 A: 32 PTS: 42

Another Devils player in his contract year is Damon Severson. He will be watched closely by everyone this season. Some fans love to hate him, but he was this team’s best defender for years and honestly has taken way too much flak for this team is bad. He is a legit 3-4 guy on a good team and it isn’t his fault that he was thrust into a #1 spot. He is also a veteran now and can put up good points for the team, run the second power play, and do an admirable job killing penalties so fans shouldn’t overlook his importance.

John Marino

G: 2 A: 9 PTS: 11

Despite playing for a close rival team, John Marino never stood out in a good or bad way. While he might not be a points machine, 64 in 189 games is pretty impressive. His role could be that of a second or third-pairing guy as well. Don’t expect to see him on the powerplay at all, but if he can just shut down other teams that is all we as Devils fans need to see.

Brendan Smith
G: 1 A: 4 PTS: 5

Brendan Smith was brought on to be a 6/7 guy. Having a veteran in that spot is the right play. Injuries always happen and it is better to be safe than sorry pulling up AHL guys or youth too soon can hurt their development. Don’t expect much here. He will be better defensively than Ty Smith or P.K. Subban.

Simon Nemec
G: 0 A: 2 PTS: 2 (in nine games)

Right now, Simon Nemec is on the team. While he was taken second overall in the NHL Draft, it probably isn’t safe to say he is staying. His preseason was mediocre and he didn’t look ready at all. As a defenseman at 18 years old, we shouldn’t be worried about that, and letting him play 220 minutes on a good Utica team will go a long way to making him the best. He should play in a few games at least to see what the NHL is all about and get to know the guys on the team and what is going to be expected of him in a few years.

Kevin Bahl
G: 1 A: 5 PTS: 6

Kevin Bahl is a huge dude and is starting to look like he has grown into the big frame and just might be an NHL guy. He wasn’t quite ready last season but was improving as time went on and at 22 could be ready to take that next step. Expect him to be the first call-up when Nemec is sent down or someone is hurt so he should see a fair bit of NHL time this season.