Would New Jersey Devils Regret Trading Alexander Holtz?

New Jersey Devils right wing Alexander Holtz (10): Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
New Jersey Devils right wing Alexander Holtz (10): Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /

The New Jersey Devils are steeped in the NHL Trade Market. As one of the best teams in the league this season, many are pointing at the Devils to shake up the market and make the first significant move. They have as many available prospects and picks as any team looking to make a move. They are willing to give up former first-round picks in trades.

Right now, the main target appears to be Timo Meier. The San Jose Sharks winger really makes a lot of sense for the Devils. He’s a restricted free agent at the end of the season, so he’s not a true rental. Rentals are something Tom Fitzgerald reportedly wants to avoid. Since Meier seems to be the target, Alexander Holtz seems to be a logical choice as a return.

Holtz has struggled in the Lindy Ruff system this season. It’s not for lack of trying. He worked with a skills coach in the offseason. He constantly works in practice and tries to make it work with every possible linemate.

While it’s been a struggle this season, Holtz clearly has a ton of talent. His shot is incredible. There are moments when he knows exactly where to go to take said shot. His value isn’t where it could be because of his struggles, and the Devils are racing against time to make a decision on him.

The Sharks will want Holtz because they already have William Eklund, who already built chemistry with Holtz from their time playing for the Swedish National Team and Djurgårdens IF of the SHL. Turning Meier into Holtz and a few other premium pieces would give the Sharks two major pieces to build around.

Getting a player like Meier would be huge for the Devils ceiling, but would they regret making a player like Holtz available? The plan coming into the season seemed to have Holtz as a major part of the offense. Is it really smart to abandon that plan after one season, especially since he was so effective in the AHL last season?

Holtz could become a superstar winger with his shooting ability. While he lacks pure speed, Holtz makes up for it with a premium shot. It might be better to get Holtz on a team that plays his style. It also might be a move the Devils ultimately regret.

It might be a move the Devils have to make, however. What would be the alternative? The Sharks aren’t moving Meier for pieces. The trade needs to be built around an incredible young player. If the Devils try to take Holtz out, then the Sharks will ask for Dawson Mercer. That should be an immediate no.

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It seems like the Devils are headed toward trading Holtz. The Athletic named him the Devils piece most likely to move. They can’t think of the regrettable possibilities. Tom Fitzgerald just needs to move forward with the best move for the team.