Breaking Down New Jersey Devils-New York Rangers Matchup Position By Position

New Jersey Devils center Dawson Mercer (91): Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
New Jersey Devils center Dawson Mercer (91): Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /
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New Jersey Devils
Ryan Graves #33 of the New Jersey Devils. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Defensive Depth

Graves – Marino
Bahl – Severson


K’Andre Miller – Jacob Trouba
Ben Harpur – Braden Schneider

The Devils line of Ryan Graves and John Marino has struggled. However, there is immense talent there. Graves might be dealing with an injury, or Marino might be a little in his own head. As soon as they figure out the issues, they might be a really good pairing. For now, we only know them as struggling. However, Damon Severson might be the best third-line defenseman in the league. He was just named the second-best upcoming free agent in the league. Kevin Bahl has been really good as well. The total depth of the Devils defense is really good overall.

K’Andre Miller is a really good young defenseman. Jacob Trouba can still hit as well as anyone in the league, although he often goes over the line. Braden Schneider is another young defenseman with a bright future. He’s alright right now, but he will eventually be quite good. Ben Harpur, not so much.

The Devils have much better depth on its defense. This is actually one of the Rangers’ weaknesses. They allow way too many high-danger chances. The only reason they don’t go in is because of our next category. We’ll get there in a moment, but for now, the Devils take advantage of the matchup here.

Advantage: Devils