Bet365 New Jersey Bonus Code Gives Devils Fans $200 GUARANTEED for Game 4


The Devils are in a worrying spot tonight, down 2-1 and playing on the road against the Rangers, but there are a couple reasons fans should be feeling good on Monday.

First off, New Jersey has the momentum, coming off a 2-1 overtime win. Second, Devils fans can claim a guaranteed $200 on just a $1 bet tonight thanks to Bet365.

Here’s how to cash in on Game 4, no matter what happens.

Bet365 New Jersey Promo

  1. Register: Click our exclusive link to sign up for Bet365
  2. Deposit: Deposit at least $10 into your account, which will automatically activate your offer
  3. Wager: Place a bet on tonight’s game — it only needs to be for $1!
  4. Win: Whether that $1 bet wins or not, you’re getting paid out either way. $200 in bonus bets will be hitting your account.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. The offer being both automatic and guaranteed means you barely have to lift a finger to secure your $200.

If the Devils even up the series, you’ll be thrilled to have an extra $200 in your account to back them for the rest of the series. And if we lose, a bonus $200 will certainly help ease that pain.

The guaranteed bonus isn’t the only reason you’ll want to wager on Bet365, either.

Originally a UK-based sportsbook, Bet365 has been in the betting game for a long time now, and they’ve really mastered their offerings. They offer highly competitive lines and comprehensive markets (including a huge array of prop bet options) in all the major sports. They’re also a great destination for niche or international sports, offering markets for a massive number of leagues around the world that you’re not going to find on most of the other major books.

But let’s be real. What really has your eye is getting a guaranteed $200, and I don’t blame you. This offer won’t be around for long, so click here to cash in before it’s too late!