2024 NHL Mock Draft 1.0 has New Jersey Devils rolling with an intriguing forward

The New Jersey Devils should land a future NHL star with the 10th pick, and an intriguing forward could fall to them in the process.
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The New Jersey Devils weren’t supposed to land the 10th pick this year, as a second playoff appearance in a row seemed like it was in their future. Instead, they ended up with a lottery pick and drew 10th, but the upside is that they may land a game-changer. 

And in Version 1.0 of the NHL Mock Draft simulation from FC Hockey’s NHLEntryDraft.com, the Devils landed a surprise player at 10th overall. But before we reveal who they are, let’s talk about the process used to land that player: I picked only for the Devils while the simulator chose for the NHL’s other 31 teams, meaning there were some instances when players I would have otherwise chosen didn’t always fall to me. 

Nonetheless, it was a fun experience, and one where I simply rolled with who I felt was the best player left on the board, regardless of their position.

NHL Mock Draft 1.0 landed a potential star for the New Jersey Devils

A few of the other picks also surprised me, especially my second selection, or 75th overall. That was at a position I didn’t figure to take a prospect at until later. My final two picks were arguably the most intriguing, as neither player brings a ton of size to the organizational depth chart just yet. But their respective ability to create scoring chances could be the deciding factor in what may ultimately bring them to the NHL level years down the road. 

Overall, I had six picks to work with, so making the most of them was the primary reason I went with arguably the best available here. Who did I roll with first, which prospects do I feel will bring intrigue to whichever organization selects them in June, and beyond the top pick, who may possess the highest upside?