3 Boston Bruins Players New Jersey Devils Must Consider This Offseason

This offseason is a big one for the New Jersey Devils. They should take a look at the Boston Bruins for additions to their 2024-25 roster.
Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins
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The New Jersey Devils have some holes to fill in the off-season. If they are smart, they can return to being one of the top teams in the Metropolitan Division again in 2024-25.

One team that has a few free agents for the Devils to consider for those holes is the Boston Bruins. Boston was just eliminated in the second round by the Florida Panthers, so some changes are coming soon. They have at least one player at every position that can help the Devils get back into contention as soon as next season.

These are the three players that they should consider when the time comes to add free agents this summer:

The New Jersey Devils could use a goaltender like Linus Ullmark

The Boston Bruins are the only team in the NHL with two elite goaltenders. They have Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman who are both Vezina caliber guys. Swayman is a bit younger but is an RFA. There is a great chance that he will get a long-term contract over the summer. Ullmark has the 2024-25 season remaining on his contract before he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

The two goalies switched off in the regular season but Jeremy Swayman started all but one in the playoffs. He was brilliant and earned all of those starts but Ullmark is elite too.

With the Bruins in 2022-23, Ullmark won the Vezina Trophy so he has a lot of pride in his game. Now, he might feel it is time to move to another team to be their full-time goalie.

The Devils goaltending situation was terrible in 2023-24. Jake Allen made it a little bit better after the trade deadline but they need more help.

Ullmark and Allen would form a great duo with Ullmark as the clear-cut number one. Making a trade for him and then extending him would be a great idea for the Devils at this stage. Upgrading this position should be their top priority and Ullmark fits the bill.