3 Goalies That Make Waiting Until Offseason Worth It For New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils place in the standings has many questioning whether
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Linus Ullmark
Boston Bruins

If Swayman is off the table, Tom Fitzgerald should keep the conversation with the Bruins going. Linus Ullmark has seen Swayman take the starter's role. It's not because Ullmark has been bad. He's 16-6-5 with a .914 save percentage. This is a former Vezina Trophy candidate who could be looking for a new home sooner rather than later.

The Bruins are thinking about making a bold move and trading Ullmark now. They don't have a lot of money to adjust the roster, and they want to make upgrades before the playoffs. Ullmark would be an easy place to shed salary for salary. He's making $5 million per season. If the Bruins aren't going to play him in the postseason, then that's a lot of money on the books for essentially nothing.

The Bruins have added a goalie to the market for a very specific reason. They want a player that could help them right now make a move toward the postseason. The Devils could help by sending someone like Tyler Toffoli, but we're not sure if that's who the Bruins are looking for.

Ullmark would be a massive upgrade to the Devils in net. He could help them now and in the future, which is what they are looking for. Is Ullmark someone who can step up in the playoffs? He has eight career playoff games and an .888 save percentage. It's worth consideration, but again, it's much better than what the Devils have now.