3 insane New Jersey Devils trade packages for John Gibson

The New Jersey Devils are reportedly checking in on Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson. What would it cost to acquire his services?
Anaheim Ducks v New York Islanders
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Devils-Ducks Trade

There could be a world where the Anaheim Ducks want prospects back for John Gibson. Well, they aren't getting any A+ type guys like Simon Nemec or Luke Hughes. They also aren't even getting a guy like Alexander Holtz.

However, they may get a few players who are talented but don't have a path to the NHL with the Devils. Guys like Chase Stillman and Michael Vukojevic might be perfect for a deal like this.

Both of them are good and talented players but it is hard to see them ever being consequential players on this Devils team. Both have been in the organization for a few years now but may need to be with another team to have a legitimate shot.

The Devils are a very good team but they need better goaltending. If they don't get it soon, things might start to fall off a cliff. They've been winning despite the goaltending sometimes but the offense can only carry the load for so long.

Gibson isn't as good as he once was but the Ducks have been truly bad in front of him. If he came to the Devils where there would be a significant offensive and defensive upgrade in front of him, he might start to resemble his old self. That would be the hope if a trade like this went down.

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