3 New Jersey Devils Players Who Need to Bounce Back in 2024-25

Following a disappointing 2023-24 season, the New Jersey Devils need to elevate their play in 2024-25.
John Marino
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1. Dawson Mercer

Following a strong rookie campaign and an exciting sophomore season, the New Jersey Devils had high hopes for Dawson Mercer. His third season in the NHL failed to deliver. Mercer was completely invisible early in the season. Even once he started to produce, it wasn’t at the level that was expected of him. He looked like a shell of who he was the year before.

Mercer finished the season with 33 points, the lowest point total of his three seasons in the NHL. He scored 20 goals, seven less than the previous season. Mercer took less shots on goal, didn’t create as many chances, and wasn’t involved in different areas of the ice. His -26 +/- was second-worst on the team.

Despite the down year, Mercer ranks fifth in goals and points in the 2020 draft class. Both of these stats dropped from third during the 2023-24 season. He also dropped from third to sixth in assists. He has played in the third-most games of his draft class.

While this season showed regression, Mercer’s first two seasons earned him the opportunity to prove that this season was the outlier, not the new norm. His down season will affect his contract extension, but it shouldn’t erase the confidence in Mercer’s ability to grow.

These three Devils will look to bounce back next season and show how valuable they can be to the team.