3 New Jersey Devils Trades To Actually Move Needle On Brady Tkachuk

Brady Tkachuk's name has been in the news again, but the Ottawa Senators captain is likely not getting traded. If he is, the New Jersey Devils should be front of the line asking what the cost could be.
Ottawa Senators v New Jersey Devils
Ottawa Senators v New Jersey Devils / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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There are more and more rumors coming out that Brady Tkachuk could be available this offseason. It’s probably just scuttlebutt that we always see at this time of the year. Teams with stars who don’t make the playoffs will always see their stars put into trades. And they always look horrible. 

Heck, we will probably see it this year with the Devils. Get ready to see the “Jack Hughes for two second-round picks and a B+ prospect” or the “Jesper Bratt for this gritty player who had 22 points last season,” or our favorite, “Josh Anderson for your whole franchise.” Every trade you see on the internet is probably terrible.

Wait… what are we doing here? Are we making trades again? Welp, this one is a little different. This isn’t just the normal trades we would do. Instead, let’s talk about what it would actually take for a new ownership group to trade its captain and star. (Spoiler alert: it would be a ton.)

Nico Trade

Captain for captain. This would be one of the most insane trades in history. We've seen some insane trades that saw two star players moved for each other. The Devils have been involved in many of them, but this would be even bigger than Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. It might even be bigger than P.K. Subban for Shea Weber because of everything it means for both of these franchises. Tkachuk for Nico Hischier would send one team's captain to another for their captain.

This would be the first captain for captain trade in a decade. In 2014, the New York Rangers sent Ryan Callahan to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the deal that sent Martin St. Louis to Broadway. However, St. Louis was near the end of his career and Callahan did not have the ceiling of Tkachuk or Hischier. This would be changing everything we thought we knew about both these teams.

It seems incredibly unlikely (obviously), but we know that Fitzgerald at last tried on Matthew Tkachuk. If Brady Tkachuk is traded to New Jersey, who we know is related to the Devils GM, it might be a family reunion. The real issue here is the Devils can't afford to lose another center. Hischier is the only reason we're not sounding the alarm for the lack of center prospects and the loss of Michael McLeod after his sexual assault arrest.