3 New Jersey Devils Trades To Actually Move Needle On Brady Tkachuk

Brady Tkachuk's name has been in the news again, but the Ottawa Senators captain is likely not getting traded. If he is, the New Jersey Devils should be front of the line asking what the cost could be.
Ottawa Senators v New Jersey Devils
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The Devils are able to claim maybe three pieces are untouchable in a Brady Tkachuk trade. All those untouchables will likely have last names that start with "H." That leaves many of the young studs on the Devils up for trade. We're sure the likely solution would be to send either Jesper Bratt or Timo Meier to the Senators to make the salaries work, but it doesn't make a lot of sense for the Senators. They will want an amazing asset who won't make a lot of money. In comes Dawson Mercer.

Mercer did have a "down" year in 2023-24, but he was still decent. Last year, we said he was untouchable. We believe that should still be the case unless something insane falls into Fitzgerald's lap. Adding one of the Tkachuk brothers is that exact insane thing that would move Fitzgerald to make Mercer available.

However, Mercer alone isn't enough to move the needle for the Senators. The Devils would have to add the first-round pick to make this deal work. It ends up being a top young NHL player who can play center or wing and a likely top-10 pick for a superstar winger who's signed 2028 at a reasonable salary.

It's a massive price to pay, but we think the Devils would do it. Would the Senators? We just don't know if anyone else is matching this deal. At this point, the Devils would be negotiating against the Senators desires to keep a fan favorite who is still