3 New Jersey Devils Trades To Actually Move Needle On Brady Tkachuk

Brady Tkachuk's name has been in the news again, but the Ottawa Senators captain is likely not getting traded. If he is, the New Jersey Devils should be front of the line asking what the cost could be.
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The Devils might want to take this to another level. Well, that will cost them prized young defenseman Simon Nemec. If the Devils want to solve their top six and bottom six at the same time, they could do that by targeting Shane Pinto on top of Tkachuk. This one might not be enough. It's really hard to decipher what Pinto is worth after the gambling suspension and his return to a lame-duck season.

Let's say the Devils have to add Seamus Casey to make this work. Would a Devils fan still do it?

This immediately gives the Devils a championship-level forward unit. Nobody would be able to touch them. Keeping Bratt, Meier, Hughes, and Hischier while adding Pinto and Tkachuk makes the Devils straight up dangerous. It will give the Devils everything they need.

Yet, it puts them in a very scary place defensively. Luke Hughes is a great asset. The Devils were lucky enough to also get a second-overall pick to take Simon Nemec, who is already in the NHL. He's actually played quite well, no matter what Travis Green thinks. The Devils would have to really consider this deal because it solves a problem this offseason. However, it could provide problems for many offseasons for years to come.