3 Reasons New Jersey Devils Avoided Making A Trade Now

The New Jersey Devils have dealt with major injuries and serious inconsistencies this season, but despite their place in the standings and the expectations, Tom Fitzgerald hasn't pulled the trigger on a trade. Why?
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Reason 3: Maybe the Belief Isn't As High As We Hope

This one is hard to even express, but it's possible. The Devils might not be making a major move because they might think this team isn't good enough to go far in the playoffs. It seems unlikely, but it has to at least be discussed, right?

The Devils haven't been good this season. Just plain and simple. They've been disjointed, they've started flat, and their miscues are costing them games. That can't be fixed with one trade. The hope would be that a trade would be a wake-up call or a motivator for this team, but that alone isn't making this team a contender. They need to be cleaner in how they play.

Why would the Devils lose top prospects like Seamus Casey or Lenni Hameenaho, first-round draft picks, or even promising NHL players like Alex Holtz or Dawson Mercer for a pipe dream? The Devils could still make the playoffs with no moves. Nico Daws is enough to keep the goaltending position afloat. The defense will get better as Luke Hughes, Kevin Bahl, and Simon Nemec develop. Fitzgerald might want to make a move closer to the trade deadline when he understands what this team's floor and ceiling might be.

It's not something Devils fans want to hear, but it's one of the harder decisions a GM has to make. Some would want them made earlier than this, but again, the Devils are right on the playoff bubble. Each win is important, which is why many fans want a trade now, but patience might be the Devils most important virtue.