3 Reasons New Jersey Devils Haven't Traded For Jacob Markstrom

A new report says a trade between the New Jersey Devils and Calgary Flames might have fizzled out. Here are three reasons the Devils don't currently employee Jacob Markstrom.
Calgary Flames v New Jersey Devils
Calgary Flames v New Jersey Devils / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Reason #3: Flames Contention

Right now, the Devils are six points out from the closest playoff spot. The Calgary Flames are one point out from a playoff spot. Of course, the Flames are in a weird spot, saying they don't want to lose assets for free after Johnny Gaudreau left them standing at the alter. That's why they traded Elias Lindholm and Nikita Zadorov this season, but Markstrom is a different story. He has term while those others are going to be free agents.

The Flames have a lot to play for. They want a new arena in the city. The league is talking about all of these cities that want teams like Salt Lake City and Atlanta (which already owned the Flames once before). We're not saying that keeping Markstrom is keeping the Flames in Calgary, but making it a point to stay a contender when they are close will keep fans engaged.

And playoff revenue is a real game changer. It can mean the difference between profit and loss for a franchise in a particular season. The Flames are still a decent team. Now that Jonathan Huberdeau is starting to heat up, they could make a run towards the postseason.

This is an issue, but if the Devils hit the Flames price, they would trade Markstrom. It just isn't motivating to ask Markstrom about his no-trade clause if the deal isn't hitting a certain threshold. We just don't see a fit here.