5 Coaches Currently In Jobs New Jersey Devils Must Keep An Eye On

The New Jersey Devils most important decision this offseason is to hire a new coach. There are five coaches who might be available if things don't go right in the playoffs.
Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan
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Andrei Tourney
Arizona (?) Coyotes

The situation with the Arizona Coyotes is awful. The ownership there seems to have bungled this situation terribly, and now the team appears to be moving to Salt Lake City. While that can usually take time, the Yotes seem intent on moving to Utah next season. Reports say this is pretty much a done deal.

This can't be good for the players, coaches, and employees of the Coyotes. After years of promises, it appears the Coyotes were feeding the city, its fans, and even those who worked for them a can of beans so they could stall. That can't sit well.

There's already speculation that players are not happy with the situation. Can Andrei Tourney be happy? If he's avalable, this is absolutely something the Devils should explore.

The issue here is how petty the Coyotes have been about everything here. The ownership group has been holding out for every dime, every asset, and every piece of PR. If Tourney wants out, we could see the Coyotes calling his bluff and forcing a team to trade for him. They will drag him kicking and screaming if they don't get an asset for Tourney.